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Night Patrolling

Night Patrolling

BPS has introduced a unique concept of Night Patrolling Services in India. The process involves physical checks at your assets, companies, premises and establishments after closing hours or closed premises of a client. This ensures that the security and safety of the establishment is in perfect order. We install specially programmed electronic tag systems at each location. It is read by a programmed electronic key used by the Night Patrolling Officer. The report thus generated through the software is forwarded to the client for his reference.

Are you feeling insecure about that someone would break into your house or business establishment? Worry not as we have come up with a unique concept of night patrolling services. Our night patrolling process comprises conducting physical checks at establishments or premises after closing hours. we are also adept in installing specially programmed qrcode tag systems at your residential and commercial premises. Our night patrolling officer can read the qr-code through mobile app.

Our Concept Of Night Patrolling Services

the notion of night patrolling is relatively new in india. under this new initiative undertaken by us, the security personnel would cover an identified area comprising of commercial and residential properties. our security officers would visit each of these points twice in a night to ensure that everything is correct. our night patrol officers would also assess the presence and performance of the guards (in case of residential property) and labors (in case of commercial property)at these locations.

Our responsibilities And duties during every Single visit at night

  • assessment of the risk of short circuit or fire.
  • to check whether the doors and locks are tampered with or not.
  • any suspicious noise.
  • the presence of any suspicious strangers or visitors.
  • the appearance of any suspicious vehicle in the premises.
  • a thorough analysis of the condition of your employees who work in night shifts.

After the completion of all the aspects mentioned above, our night patrolling officer would punch their time and remarks in the device which is installed in your premises. we would give access to the device to our clients so that they can analyze our service. however, our clients have to visit our company website to avail a full report of the security checks. another highlighting factor that sets us apart from others is that now our clients can check the reports exclusively via our mobile application. the report includes:

  • Date of visit
  • Time of visit
  • Name of the officer
  • Remarks of the officer
  • Images showing any suspicious activities

Night Patrolling Response

During the Patrolling rounds, in case Patrolling Officer comes across any of the following situations, he will immediately inform the concerned person and our 24 hours Control Room functioning in each city. The Control Centre has complete record pertaining to the clients who are using this service and the Control Centre will immediately inform the client for any of the following incidence which has taken place at their premises.

Security Services provided by BPS

We offer a comprehensive range of Security Management Services, we work on a theme of partnering with our principals, guaranteeing a Return on Investment through system design and effective monitoring and a comprehensive management through software forms the backbone. BPS Secure Solutions Provides:-

  • Mobile Patrol
  • VIP Guards
  • Stationary Guards
  • Reception Services
  • Alarm Response Services
  • Physical Protection
  • Store Detective Services
  • Route Vehicle Controls
  • Event Security
  • Highways Security
  • Metro Rail Security
  • Power Plants Security
  • Static Guarding
  • Executive Protection
  • Investigation
  • Night Patrolling
  • Aviation Security

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