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Lady Bouncer

Lady Bouncer

Bouncers save requests among the group to secure the property and people, where the occasion is being held. They guarantee that everything goes easily, for the whole span of an occasion.

Bouncers are regularly required where group size is huge and liquor utilization may prompt contentions or battling, or where the danger or presence of a group of thugs action is high. During occasions, where there is an immense get-together of individuals, security turns into a gigantic issue, particularly for ladies and older individuals.

Security female workforce or Bouncers in enough numbers anticipating the group size would have tackled the issue. Beginning from scrutinizing the section of individuals to the occasion and guaranteeing discipline for the smooth lead of the occasion, bouncers assume the most significant job. Knowing the significance and understanding of the necessities of our customers, BPS Security Services offers the best and prepared bouncer security services in India.

  • Our bouncers give security, check legitimate age, refuse passage for inebriated people.
  • Manage the rebelliousness of foundation rules.
  • Bouncers appropriate contrabands that are considered to be hazardous for the specific occasion.
  • Keep up generally wellbeing of an occasion and dodge accidents that may happen when things run wild.
  • Give preventive measures to stay away from any undesirable circumstances
  • Be set up for whatever may happen during an occasion

We give Bouncer Security Services in India 24 x 7.

Security Services provided by BPS

We offer a comprehensive range of Security Management Services, we work on a theme of partnering with our principals, guaranteeing a Return on Investment through system design and effective monitoring and a comprehensive management through software forms the backbone. BPS Secure Solutions Provides:-

  • Mobile Patrol
  • VIP Guards
  • Stationary Guards
  • Reception Services
  • Alarm Response Services
  • Physical Protection
  • Store Detective Services
  • Route Vehicle Controls
  • Event Security
  • Highways Security
  • Metro Rail Security
  • Power Plants Security
  • Static Guarding
  • Executive Protection
  • Investigation
  • Night Patrolling
  • Aviation Security

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